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Sugary Dream (모두 나를 위해 reset~)

(모두 나를 위해 reset~)

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Nickname: Radical_Dreamer
Real Name: Plamy
Born: 02.11.94
♥ Jpop; ♥ Kpop; ♥ Disco
A pretty weird girl, actually. Way too talkative too. Loves to take photos of nature, abuse Photoshop and make web desings and is obsessed with geisha. Adores anime and manga. Is too emotional and spontanious. Doesn't like to be put under pressure but loves hard work. Loves to draw although her drawing skills aren't that outstanding. Likes observing other people's creations. Her friends aren't too many but she loves them as much as her family.
...is mainly used as a place to share my graphics with people but you may find various other thoughts crap as well. I love changing layouts/banners constantly and I can't really help it XD I apologise for my English, though, I'm not a native speaker :) The people I usually make graphics of are mainly K/J-Pop stars such as: Koda Kumi, Aya Ueto, KAT-TUN, MBLAQ, B2ST, F.Cuz, 2NE1, 4Minute, After School, Uhm Jung Hwa, G-Dragon. And, of course, American singers are also included, i.e, Lady GaGa, as well as various J-Dramas and last but not least, animanga! ^_^
1. This journal is Friends-Only. For more info, read this post.
2. Every post is public for 1 week only. (unless I decide otherwise XD)
4. Comment before taking!
5. Credit for the icons is appreciated but not really necessary.
6. Credit for the banners, however, is necessary.
7. And, of course, enjoy your stay here! ^__^